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Relaxation counteracts the physical effects of stress by restoring the body to a state of calm and balance. Practiced regularly, relaxation increases energy, improves health, and enhances performance. Relaxation is the foundation for meditation and pervades all self-improvement practices.

Learn how to analyze or resolve desires, thoughts, and feelings through the practice of yoga nidra. The goal of yoga nidra is to attain a state of conscious sleep in which you are sleeping deeply, yet fully conscious, with your mind in deep rest.


I am a senior manager of a mid size highly successful nonprofit corporation which has, (and continues to), utilize the business and personal life coaching and organizational development expertise provided by Fred. In addition, I am pleased to add that Fred has provided me with personal meditation coaching that has resulted in many positive changes in my work and personal life. Through periodic check ins, meditation refreshers, conversations regarding meditation techniques, etc., I have discovered the tremendous difference sustained meditation can make in one’s life. Perhaps the best example of how positive this work with Fred has been is when I went through a brief period where I found my meditation practice suffering due to other pressing personal life issues….I quickly discovered that when I reintroduced consistent meditation back into my day, my life was more balanced, peaceful, and productive.
- John Aguilar


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