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Relaxation counteracts the physical effects of stress by restoring the body to a state of calm and balance. Practiced regularly, relaxation increases energy, improves health, and enhances performance. Relaxation is the foundation for meditation and pervades all self-improvement practices.

Learn how to analyze or resolve desires, thoughts, and feelings through the practice of yoga nidra. The goal of yoga nidra is to attain a state of conscious sleep in which you are sleeping deeply, yet fully conscious, with your mind in deep rest.


Hey so I went to the Yoga Nidra today. It was really excellent. I learned about how to breathe. I know it seems so simple, but as you know from your asana practice, the more you focus on something the more there is to it and what could be more important than the breath! I learned it's better for your health not to paus...e at the beginning of the inhale or beginning of the exhale - something you wouldn't deal with in a regular asana class. Not that it was all breathing, we did a series of progressive relaxation that completely relaxed my body and put my mind in the zone - very present and clear. Some of you may be thinking if you don't sweat a ton and build up the heat it's not for you, but as one of those hard code "power yoga" junkies - I don't think that now and I'm really excited about calming and focusing my mind with what Fred has to teach. The best part is the series continues next month after a pause. I'll be there. You might want to give it a try too...
-  Andy Neyhart


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